Sofina Beaute Toner II review

Sofina Beaute Toner is easily my favorite toner for 2010 and 2011.

It comes in 3 or 4 different types, I, II and III (there might be a IV like the moisturisers but I'm not too sure). I is for oily skin, II for normal/combo, III for dry skin etc.

Comes in a elegant tall bottle with a pretty blue cap. I bought Toner II which is for normal/ combo skin. This is my 3rd bottle already.

Comes in the similar opening design to the moisturiser, which is double-ridged to prevent liquid from dripping from the edges.

Looks basically clear on the cotton pad. Usually I saturate the cotton pad ( just wet enough but will not drip), then apply to cleansed skin. It feels so refreshing, and comes with the signature Sofina Beaute scent which is clean and crisp.

I like this toner because it feels basic yet adequate, no wildly fancy ingredients, but it just normalises your skin and calms it down after a hot shower and takes away any redness.

I used to think toners are absolutely waste of money before I was 25, then once you start wearing makeup regularly and travel a bit more, you learn the benefits of using a toner easily.

A good toner helps to remove very last trace of any impurities on the skin and help to prep the skin for the moisturisers or serums to follow. I also find a toner really important when I'm travelling- when you travel it's often that your skin will get irritated from the different water composition (e.g. minerals, or just pollutants) and that's often the cause of irritated skin during travel.  Using a toner will help your skin to normalise to a condition that it is used to. Not to mention the slight exfoliation it gives to help unclog pores and I find that after using a toner regularly, my skin feels more refined, and the need to use a exfoliant or scrub is reduced to once a fortnight.

Overall 5/5. Will happily repurchase.

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