Benefit Thrrrob Face Powder/ Blush swatch/ review

Benefit initially started with the Dandelion face powder , then gradually expanded over the years into other shades of face powders. They are meant to be either all over face powder, or blush/ bronzer (depending on which color).  They are not eye safe though.

Comes in the standard paper box packaging much like Dandelion. I don't mind the box but it does get worn down very quickly- I've barely used mine like 4 or 5 times and it really looks slightly battered already!

Made in USA, comes in a really generous size 12g (0.42 oz).

The powder is essentially in a pan stuck to the bottom of the cardboard box. It's just glued on.

Comes in a pink bristle flat brush, I don't really use it often. While I use the brush in Dandelion powder, but that's because Dandelion is a bit less pigmented so it won't look as streaky as when I use the same brush on Thrrrob.
In addition, Thrrrob is a bit more loosely pressed than Dandelion, I get a lot of flyaway, and the brush is too scratchy for the surface of this blush and I tend to pick up a lot of loosened powder, which means I have to shake it off before application.

Here's the swatch on my skin, I did a big swatch and tried to swatch almost 3 layers on the left, and 1 or 2 on the right. You can see even if you build it up, it's still quite similar.

Here's the interesting bit about this powder- I would actually not call it sheer or unpigmented, for such a light colored blush it is very pigmented, so what goes on swatch below is what it looks like on my cheeks.

It's a very baby pink and cutesy pale pink. I know some people will say it won't melt into your skin, but I love how 'cute' the color is on the cheeks.  A bit like those Japanese beauty magazine cover model's dolly pink sort of shades.

I would say it's closer to being slightly matte, but because it's so finely milled it just blurrs everything (see how smooth it makes my skin look) and imparts a sort of inner glow.

Overall 4/5. I really don't have any blush with comparable colors and I love the pop of cute pink it gives me. I think benefit could easily repackage this as a normal blush making it more portable and reduce the size, as I cannot really see many people using this as an overall face powder, it should just be a blush.

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