Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Flash #886 MAUVE ACCENT Lip swatch/review

Dior #886 Addict Ultra-Gloss Flash 'mauve accent or in french, Mauve Accessore, was released in late 2010 as the new and expaneded Addict Ultra-Gloss line. "Flash" indicates the finish to be glossy and lightly shimmery generally.

Personally I'm not a huge fan of how Dior has renamed/ introduced the Addcit ultra-gloss or lipsticks, they are named similarly, they are packaged about the same, it's just really difficult for me to tell which ones are new and which ones are old.

Comes in the super glossy and shiny green/blue packaging.

The tube embossed with 'Dior' color. The tube is relatively luxurious looking and slightly heavy, almost feels more like lucite than plastic.

Comes with an easy to use brush applicator, it's sort of short and dense bristles. Much better than those Bobbi Brown lipglosses.

A very quick lip swatch. My lips were a bit pinker today, but you can see how close it is in color to the skin swatch. While looking dark in the tube, it aplies as an understated (i.e. not loud and bright) berry pink.

I also like how the gloss is a bit moisturising and almost plumps up the lip a bit and remove the look of any obvious lip lines.

There are very tiny shimmers inside in about the same raspberry pink family. It is very fine and will not leave a grainy feel on the lips and wears off evenly.

Overall 5/5. I can't wait to try all the other colors I have.

It's unscented and not too sticky. It also applies quite evenly.

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