Fancl Deep Moisture Lotion (toner) review

This is the moisturising toner from Fancl along with the other Beauty Concentrate line, so it's probably the more premium Fancl line as well. Again I got this from one of those Fancl holiday sets in 30ml size so I'm not too sure of the full RRP or price. (you usually pay about 20USD-30USD for most full sized Fancl facial skincare items anyway).

Comes in the sanitary nozzle like other Fancl items:

It's a thicker toner consistency as it is meant to be moisturising. I used to hate any thick toners as I always think a good toner toner is about being refreshing and slightly cleansing/calming.

This is probably Fancl's take on something like the Shiseido Hada-Senka Moisturising Cream Lotion .

It blends out transparent on the skin and absorbs quickly, doesn't leave much stickyness behind but obivously not as refreshing as usual toners. Compared to Hadasenka line I thought this was barely moisturising, and also doesn't cleanse very well.

Usually I use cleansing oil, then wash my face, then apply toner with a cotton pad and usually my cotton pad tend to remove very last trace of makeup or just dead skincells, but when wiping with this, nothing seems to come out.

Definitely one of those items where I use it and feel "hrrrmmm did this actually do anything??"

It doesn't irritate my skin but I just can't feel any benefit at all.

Overall rating 3/5 for being a plain toner to go before your moisturiser. You can find much better ones from Shiseido Hadasenka or Hadalabo line.

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