Origins Make A Difference Skin Rejuvenating Treatment review

Origins Make A Difference Skin rejuvenating treatment is probably marketed as a moisturiser/serum type of product. It's one of those samples that I keep on getting every single time I shop at Origins, so I never purchased a full size one, but did go through a few 5ml tubes over the year.

It's a soft creamy gel-creme consistency. The thing I love about the Make a Difference line is the scent! It's sooooo lovely. Smells a bit like white tea with a hint of grapefruit, something very clean and crisp and soft.

On the skin- it just makes the skin ultra smooth and soft to touch.

Now everything I've said about this product sounds lovely so far- however, bottomline is I think this is so similar to Estee Lauder Idealist. They are basically serums/ moisturisers that leave a siliconey finish (i.e. ultra smooth and soft to touch). However as skincare items, they do very little ( and any smoothness is more superficial).

Overall 2/5. I do use it up on my cheeks or neck etc, but I rarely use this on my full face- it tends to give me slight irritation or clogged pores probably due to the silicone content. I don't really think there's any treatment qualities with this product either.

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