Agnes B Lacque 7 Days nail polish ROSE LIGHT review/ swatch

Agnes B. is a fashion brand that seems to be testing its waters in makeup in 2011. There are a few random items out, from foundation to eyeshadow to nailpolishes, seems like availability is probably limited to HK and Japan right now.

I grabbed the new Laque 7 days nail polish in shade "Rose Light" below.
It comes in a flattened looking glass container, contains 10ml. Based on the bottle color I thought I was going to get a rich pink or magenta sort of shade.

Hey but you never know! this turns out to be a jelly shade!

It's translucent jelly color, but does have some pigmentation. Probably need a good 3 coats to get more opacity. I applied the coats on one of the fingers on the right a bit more sheerly and you can see under flash photography it'll still be a bit see through.

The overall color and finish, is a glossy shiny translucent magenta without any shimmers. It looks very pretty and 'clean' on the nails and not tacky at all. It's not quite fuschia, but like a darkened fuschia/ magenta, I can still wear this to the office.

The wear seems decent, I'm on day 3 right now and still going strong. It applies smoothly and dries in reasonable time (However I always use a quick dry topcoat like seche vite). 

The swatches below are without topcoat yet, so you can see how naturally glossy it is! Love jelly shades.

Here it is after topcoat- I got some shrinkage on the tips with seche vite =\ which is a bit annoying! However you can see the glossy factor is still the same which means the polish never needed that topcoat for extra shine or gloss =)

Overall 5/5, cannot really fault this at all.

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