Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer N #44 Sweet Venus swatch/ review

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer N comes in a pink crystal studded cap bottle, with beautical carvings along the bottle and a silver cap. It's typical Jill Stuart ultra romantic packaging.

As with most Jill Stuart shades, almost all the nail polishes are predmoniantly variations of pinks, beiges, nudes and occassional shimmers or bronzes.

I'm reviewing color #44 , "Sweet Venus" which is from 2010 series I think. In the bottle it looks like a shimmery white with a pink flash.

It's very difficult to photograph this shade, from a distance it's a shimmery white, but if you look closely in real life the white base is almost clouded by a slightlyy yellow tinged white shimmer together with loads more shimmers that flashes pink. The shimmer is fairly dense, 1 coat you can get a decent opacity and the color to show up.

While indoors, the pink flash is fairly strong, it's not just a faint pink flash.

This is outdoor, sunglight flash. You can see it looks a bit whiter under the sun.

Overall it looks fantastic in photos, like such a pretty moonlight shimmer with pink flashes. However I do think in real life because of the complexity of the flash and base color and the shimmers embodied, it can look slightly too busy on the nails, as in the undertone just looks a tad yellowy-white which is not too flattering.

This is probably one shade I would recommend trying at the stores before purchasing (which is difficult as Jill Stuart is mostly sold in Asia currently..)

Overall 4/5 for wear and application. It applies relatively smooth, I did feel this shade was slightly thicker.

3/5 for the color, just not too fond of it on myself.

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