Clinique All About Eyes Serum review

Clinique's all about eyes cream gets decent reviews in most places (not entirely positive but definitely there is a market for it). I have the all about eyes cream but yet to open it, however when I saw the All About Eyes Serum, I quickly snatched it up as I'm a bit of a sucker for gimmicky type of product applicators etc.

I've previously used a Chanel eye serum or something in similar packaging, it is nice to have a metal roller ball because it feels very cooling on tired and puffy eyes.

The Clinique serum is housed in a translucent pink/coral glass tube with a roller ball applicator and screw top cap. It's 15ml which is the standard retail size for eye creams.

The design is rather wise, there's a dent in the middle so you can grip it more easily. However given it's a glass bottle, it will easily shatter if you ever drop it on the bathroom tiles.

Here's the rollerball applicator. It rolls pretty easily. and applies a pretty thin layer of serum undereye.

Here's 2 rolls on the skin. You can see the serum is really thin- it's barely picked up in the photo.

Overall, this is marketed as a depuffing and moisturising serum. I do not think it's moisturising at all , (however maybe it's intended to be layered with other eye cream on top). On depuffing side, nothing either.

It'll be a struggle to finish my 15ml tube for sure.

In addition, I guess there's always the hygiene factor with these roller ball designs, basically you are rolling back any dead skin cells into the tube, so it's recommended these should be used as soon as after opening.

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