Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner review/ swatch

I love the Aveeno body moisturiser and thought I'd try the lip conditioner as well. I had to get this from Taiwan as strangely, I didn't see my local priceline in Sydney selling Aveeno lip conditioners.

Ingredient list:

Comes in a slightly yellow tined balmy consistency. It's on the softer side, so if you swipe too hard on the lips sometimes a 'lump' can sort of goop up on the lips. It's not as soft as the Fresh sugar lip treatments though.

Here is a quick swatch:

It leaves a slight shine on the lips, it does offer a bit more 'coverage' or has more thickness compared to the other harder balms, like the Canus lip balm. Also has a light vanilla scent which is rather pleasant.

Comes with SPF15 with sun protection.

Overall an adequate lipbalm. It also lasts a while and a tube would easily go for a few months. Due to the slight thickness, it offers a bit more coverage for lips against dry winds or heater. However in terms of 'healing' properties, I do not experience a whole lot. It will protect your lips from chapping but does not treat it. If your lips were chapping and dry, this sort of just sits on top- I was hoping it would given how well the oatmeal based body moisturisers does for my body.

Rating is 4/5.

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