Fancl Washing Powder/ FDR washing liquid review

Fancl Washing Powder is often a favorite paired with the Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil ,

I've honestly given this washing powder at least 2-3 tries, using it on and off whenever I get a smaller sized travel bottle (which is abundant!) whenever there's those Fancl MCO special packaging promotion (which comes with either a full sized MCO in special packaging plus a travel sized washing powder or mini MCO.)

Here is my washing powder in the limited edition print, isn't it adorable. Comes in a flip top cap similar to the full sized ones.

It contains 13g, but given its powder form you don't need much at all.

Here's an average sized use for my face. You can see it's a finely milled powder (not so mine as to become dusty).  It has a comfortable sort of baby shampoo scent that is rather mild.

It foams quite well (I probably added too much water here) but especially used in conjunction with the foaming puff sold by Fancl separately (or sometimes comes as a special promotion set with the washing powder). That puff will generate a lot of foam out of this washing powder.

There's a certain family of thought I read a lot in Asian beauty magazines about how the more bubble there is and the finer the bubble the better it is for your skin etc. Therefore in Japan you can find a huge array of little tools helping to "foam" up your cleansers more, like foaming net etc type if you do a quick eaby search.

Here's my palm after a quick rinse off. You can see it rinses off easily.

Ok the roundup is, I wouldn't mind using this if I have nothing else at hand, and it is portable for travel in the mini size I got. However as a face cleanser I find it a bit drying for my face, which is quite odd since I usually do ok with most Japanese brand foaming facial cleansers. Perhaps there's just something about the underlying composition?

Overall 3/5. If you have normal to oily skin this will feel refreshing for the face. However I don't like the fiddle with powder type of products and any water will make the powders clog near the opening, which is unsightly and a bit annoying to clean.

Also note this is not a 'enzyme' type of cleansing powder like Dermalogica Microfoliant which is possibly the only powder type of skincare I'd like. The microfoliant will exfoliate lightly while the Fancl washing powder doesn't.

If you like Fancl face wash but like something abit more easy to use and even more gentle, I highly recommend the Fancl FDR Washing Liquid. It's hardly mentioned but it is so underrated. It is a gel/liquid type of cleanser in a bottle and is sooooooo nice on the skin plus extra gentle. I got a lot of other foaming cleanser stockpiled to finish up before I can get back to repurchase the FDR washing liquid, but I definitely will for that one.

FDR Washing Liquid description here:

Looks like it retails for SGD21 for the 60ml bottle, or 2 bottles for SGD38. 50.
I think it's a bit more pricey than the washing powder though. FDR Washing Liquid comes in the 60ml bottle (which lasts for ages- easily 3-4 months). Unfortunately Fancl says the expiry date of the washing liquid after opening is 30 days after opening (a bit ridiculously short and I never listen to it).

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