Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer polish 63 Sweet Pea review/ swatch

These are the new additions to the large range of the Estee Lauder pure color nail lacquers in 2011.

Here's my 2nd bottle from the new collection from 2011, in #63 Sweet Pea.

In the bottle it is a shimmery mid-tone rosy pink. It's shimmery (but without visible glitters and is not foiled finish or metallic). The shimmers are not fine enough to be called pearly.

I have to admit it looks better now I look at the photos than when it's actually on my nails. I was very underwhelmed by this shade- it is so average looking. I can think of tonnes of mid-tone OPI shades which look better (E.g. a dozen rosas, or something mauvy like Japanese rose garden). However not actual OPI shade really pops in my mind that's a dupe for this.  A dozen rosas is paler than this, while Japanese rose garden is a completely different shade (mauvy pink).

The pink is a brightened pink rose- in real life it sort of borderlines between pink rose vs rosy pink red. I think my photos are a tiny bit paler than in real life. It's not fuschia pink based, but it does look 'brightening' just due to the color alone.

I consider the pic below to be the most accurate color respresentation in photo.

Ok I really can't get excited about this color- only wore it for 2 days before I got bored...

I find that Estee Lauder deeper shades seem to stain nails a bit more, my nails were looking a bit yellow after taking this off (and last few days I was also trying other Estee Lauder polishes). Despite having worn a thin base coat. Would  be interested to hear if anyone else experienced similar issues.

Overall 2.5 or 3/5 for the color, it gets a 4 for the wear- tentatively a bit less if it does in fact stain more than other brand of nail polishes.

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