Estee Lauder Artists Eye Pencil Kohl #15 Opalescence review/ swatch

Estee Lauder eyeliners Arists Eye Pencils feature an array of different shades from normal blacks to browns to a few more interesting ones. I got #15 Opalescence - which is a very misleading name. It's really a plummy brown bronze, it's not just plum or just bronze but an interesting mix of both.

Comes in dual ended, 1 side is the liner and the other side is just a generic blending sponge tip.

Here it is close up- isn't it pretty! It's actually not too red toned or anything, which makes it a wearable shade of variation of plums.

Swatch: on the very right I tried to blend it out:

It's definitely an interesting twist of brown eyeliner I usually go for- it has a soft nice shimmer but doesn't have visible glitters, instead it just leaves a nice sheen.

As for wearability, wow this is a lot more long lasting than I expected. Once it sort of sets after application, it's actually quite hard to remove. I still get a bit of wear towards the end of the day just because my lids are oily at times. However, just normal water will not make this budge.

Overall 4/5. Wish the pencil could do finer lines, but this is a good color as an outter top liner, there's enough color to make it visible, and it's dark enough to provide enough depth as a liner on its own as well.

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