Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Eyeshadow Intense 1 Blast of Blue/9 Rock Sand/10 Airy Jade/ 13 Black swatch/review

Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Eyeshadow (or Armani eyes to kill intense eyeshadow as per website) are a sort of firmly pressed but will crumb loose eyeshadow that are almost like a compressed cream shadow when blended. Think of it as a very dry cream eyeshadow that spreads smoothly.  To me they are in the same family of category with Chanel Illusion Ombre eyeshadows, other than the Armanis are usually combination of two pigment shades so it looks way prettier in the jar!

Here's the box pacakaging , housed in a glass jar container with screw top, much like the Chanel illusion ombre eyeshadows.

Ingredient list:
From top left: #01 Blast of Blue, top right #09 Rock Sand, Bottom Right is #10 Airy Jade, bottom left is #13 Black.
They look like a solid cream eyeshadow, but they are NOT. They are still crumbly loose eyeshadow pigments and just simply firmly pressed down. If you tip them upside down and shake, you will get a huge mess =)

Left to right: 1 Blast of Blue/9 Rock Sand/10 Airy Jade/ 13 Black

Here are my dry swatches. Each color is swatched twice with slight different intensity, other than #13 black which is swatched once.  I didn't swatch these wet, but when swatched wet the colors are very intense.
I hardly ever use my eyeshadows wet so that's not very realistic for me.

#01 Blast of blue is a blue with gold pigments, it swatches more like a complex grey-navy with gold shimmers and flecks. Applied intensely it looks like a darkened grey blue with a gold sheen. It seems to have a more 'flecks' sort of consistency than shimmers when used dry.

#09 Rock Sand is a shimmery beigey peach. Very similar to Chanel illusion ombre #82 emerville. I wouldn't think you'd need both shades.

#10 Airy Jade is an icy, frosty blue shimmer. It looks quite frosty when applied wet and almost white.

#13 is a patent black, it looks patent black when used wet. However when dry it looks like an ordinary black charcoal and sort of lacks pigmentation. (When used heavily or wet it's very, very black though). It's the less crumbly and more powdery out of the 4.

Here are each shade on their own:
#01 Blast of Blue

#09 Rock Sand:

#10 Airy Jade

#13 Black 

 Overall 4/5.
Again, not a fan of individual eyeshadows and given the consistency and intensity of these shades when applied more heavily, this is A LOT of product and I wish they can somehow make it into a palette with smaller size so you can try more shades.

They retail for a whopping 32USD each too, which kind of takes the fun out of buying individual shades.

However the finish and pigmentation is revolutionary- I know a lot of brands have came out with loose pigment eyeshadows lately but these are a lot more practical. They are not so loose that they fall everywhere when applied, and the jar packaging with the pressed consistency means they are a lot more portable too.

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