Anna Sui Nail Color N Vernis polish #013 review/ swatch

Anna Sui Nail color N are about the new generation of nail polish from Anna Sui from around 2010 to mid 2011 (in 2011 they revamped the nailpolish designs again, personally I think these rose bottles are by far the prettiest).

I'm reviewing polish color in #013, not sure if there's an English corresponding name apart of the color coding, does not appear so. The full size bottle comes in 10ml.

#013 is an ivory cream (as in color of cream) base with loads of pink and white iridescent shimmers. Some of the shimmers flash a tiny bit of green, but predominately it flashes pink and champagne.

 Here it is on the nails- honestly I expected a bit more 'white' from the bottle, but because of its translucency, it doesn't quite translate to what I expected on the nails.

The cream colored base does not mask the bit of champagne/pink shimmer which seems to give a yellow cast to my nails and make my tip look a bit grey. They are not naturally super white but this shade just makes it look a bit blah grey/ yellow.

I didn't apply top coat on these as they seemed to dry quite quickly. However, the shimmers are not flat, so my nails don't feel very smooth on the surface (but in real life it looks smooth from a distance and certainly glossy enough on its own without needing a topcoat).

This picture below shows the white flash you get from some angles better.

This picture below shows the more pink flash. Which is closer to indoor real life.

Overall I don't really love this color at all. It's a bit bland and definitely not as pretty as it seems in the bottle, and no color is good if it makes your nails look yellow!

Overall rating for quality of polish is 4/5  (wish the shimmers were smoother and doesn't give a bumpy texture). However the application is smooth and even and dries quick enough, and the shimmers are evenly distributed.

As for the color, only gets a 2/5 from me. Probably need to be layered on top of other opaque shades, which I shall try later.

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