MAC Mineralized Eyeshadow Unsurpassable review/ swatch

MAC Semi-precious collection comes with a few mineralised eyeshadows as well. Here's unsurpassable.

It's a grassy green base with blue and silver veining.

I don't particularly collect the mineralize eyeshadows as I feel the pigments are a bit 'looser' and shimmery compared to my usual liking. I prefer something a lot more finely pressed and not as loose, and maybe less metallic factor.

Here's the skin swatches- you can see the top swatch shows the olive green you get by picking up a bit more of the blue veining. The silver veining really translates to small flecks of silvery shimmers.

Picking up more of the lighter grassy green, you get a muted sort of grass green, it's not a vibrant green which makes it a bit more wearable and a very autumn color.

I find these too tricky to wear on my eyes, as a light wash doesn't deliver enough color (and you get the silver shimmers falling out), while a darker layer means you can't really control what level of green you want from this eyeshadow, and the finish can look a bit too metallic/ shimmery.

 Overall 3/5. It's not a terribly unique color, you can probably find a whole array of greens in similar family with better finishes and more color precision in Shu Uemura single eyeshadows. But I suppose being able to get a variety of color from a single eyeshadow pot is the advantage of MAC.

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