Essie Nail Polish Lady Like - review/ swatch

Essie Ladylike is from 2011 Fall collection. Honestly I think this color has became the new trendy nail color for fall in the past 12 months or something- a bit of mauve, some taupe, some grey, usually in a pretty opaque creme finish . Reminds me of the taupey-grey-lilac color from the OPI France collection too.

After my positive experience with a color in this territory from UNT LJ040 Tipsy Nail Polish , I thought I might like this one too.

Here it is- in the bottom Ladylike looks like a pale taupe lilac with some nude undertone in a full creme. That's what it looks like on the nails too. This shade is surprisingly fully pigmented for a creme finish polish.

Here's the swatch- looks just like in the bottle. It's a full creme opaque finish- I got this coverage with 2 coats. (Sorry about the fluff on one of the nails!)

Under a few different lights: It looks a bit like one of those 'mod' shades, but it's not. It doesn't have that really stark full creme look of some mod shades that look out of place.

Here's as dark as it can look under certain lights. This is probably where this polish disappointed me a bit- it's not pale and soft enough for an elegant taupy-nude lilac, but it's not dark enough to be a full autumn shade.

I much prefer UNT nail polish in LJ040 , I've attached 2 pictures below- you can see the UNT LJ040 Tipsy shade is a paler and has a pearly finish. Looks far more understated than Essie Ladylike.

Obviously whether you would like Essie Ladylike or not will largely depend on your undertone. That being said, Essie Ladylike probably one of the very few purple/lilac family I could ever wear without feeling totally out of place. I can probably even get away with wearing it in the office (but definitely not going to clients with this). If you want something paler I would definitely suggest UNT LJ040 Tipsy.

Essie Ladylike is probably one of those shades you should swatch before you buy. Also, as mentioned previously, I've really noticed how most guys don't like these 'interesting' shades, they just call it the yuck color, lol. I suppose the more nailpolishes you have and tried the more adventurous you get in trying new colors. (Though I still rarely ever wear any of my greens and blues).

Lastly, there is something very odd about the consistency of this one. It applies very smooth for a creme shade- but there is just something funny about the consistency- over my Paul & Joe base coat (not sure whether it's caused by the base coat or this), sometimes on some fingers this applies as a thin unpigmented layer, but sometimes it feels very fluidlike and applies a thick pigmented layer. I tried to shake the bottle to mix it but still noticed this. Interesting. Didn't affect my application much but just in case anyone else notices it...

Overall rating 3.5/5.

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