Bihada Ichizoku Cheek Blush Blush in PINK swatch /review

Bihada is a Japanese brand, featuring very manga characters in the romantic type (like ancient western princesses with long blond curly hair, puffy dresses etc type).
They make an array of various makeup, skincare items, and also just two blushes (I always found it odd they never expanded on more blush colors over the years!)

Here's a review of the "Pink" blush. The only other color from the brand is "Beige".

It comes in a clear compact like Shu Uemura circa pre 2009.

The blush is of very high quality, it's a bit like Shu Uemura in the "P" series (P for pearl), but the pearliness is a bit more obvious than Shu Uemura. There's a very pretty sheen/ glow to the blush and extremely fine pearly glow (instead of an obvious shimmery flecks).

Pink as the color says, is just a lovely pink. It looks a bit peachy in my pictures, but I still think it's predominantly pink.

Here are two swatches, on the left a bit heavier, on the right a bit lighter. You can see how the pearly glow is more obvious when swatched more heavily. However I really like the fact there's no obvious shimmers in this (which always looks a bit fake on the cheeks).

Again, you can see it's a pearly pink- it reminds me of Nars O in the compact but swatched, it doesn't have that peachy-pink look, at most you can only call it a pink with a hint of pink coral (but nowhere near a coral).

Overall I quite like this, it's not terribly expensive (RRP escapes my mind, but it should be below USD18 in Japan), superb texture, and gorgeous color.

On my cheeks though, it's a very natural pink glow, it's not my favorite pink (again, because everyone's complexion is different, there's always a pink you will like more on you than others), but I wouldn't regret the purchase at all.

It's also lightweight and easy to travel with. Simplicity at its best.

Overall rating 4/5.

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