Seche Base- Seche Vite Ridge Filling Base Coat review/ swatch

Seche Base (Ridge Filling Base Coat) is a sheer white shimmer base coat that is supposed to be a bit 'ridge filling'. Ridges on your nails means sometimes your nails may not be smooth and can appear a bit bumpy or there are lines through it. I never really had that issue- but I'm always interested in trying different base coat combinations so I thought I'd give this a try.

My favorite top coat in the world is Seche Vite fast dry top coat, so I had high expectations for this base coat as well.
Comes in a 15ml bottle like the top coat.
The brush is same size as top coat too. It's not as wide as OPI Pro wide brushes but feels like a standard nail polish brush.

Here's what it looks like with 1 coat. Obviously the white shimmer sort of diffuses any ridges (as opposed to actually treating the issue of ridges. I don't have any ridges but you can see how this base coat looks like anyway. It sort of smoothes over your nails. It's sheer but the white shimmer is there.

This is also good to use when you have white spots on the nails (due to previous physical damages to nails or sometimes nutrition deficiency- surely everyone's experienced that at some stage).

From this angle it shows the shimmers a bit better- it's a bit pearly, but too sheer to be called an actual pearl finish.

Overall I think this works as :
- providing a slightly white base before you apply very sheer nailpolishes, especially french shades.
- the shimmers diffuses light a bit to mask any nail irregularities like ridges or white spots
- if your tips has been stained / turned yellow (usually from wearing very dark shades for too long), this will help to mask it and mail the nails look whiter.

It does exactly the above two points, I like applying french/ sheer shades over this since it will give more color payoff. However the pearlyness of this base also means it can alter whatever shade you put on top as well, either adding a more pearly look to it (like my Essie Anniversary Gala here) and lets a sheerer color show through better. It enhances whites and pinks and nudes the best.

However will have little use if you use an opaque creme shade over this.

Now the cons of this- it seems to be slow drying, and if it doesn't dry thoroughly before you apply the other polishes, it seems to goop up the polish on top and makes it a bit thickish.  This reason alone is why I haven't reached for this base coat very often. This also means while it looks like it can double as a pearly white shimmer nailpolish, the thickness means it's hard to apply more than 1 coat.

For other base coats that provides some 'white' base color before application (unfortunately, no pearl finish though) are the Maquillage basecoats and Nailtek Foundation II. Both works better as base coats with a white tint. For clear ones I like Orly bonder, which is fast drying, thin and easy to apply, and adheres to whatever polish on the top quite well, but doesn't seem to prevent nail staining when wearing dark shades.

Overall 3/5. Will not be repurchasing.

What are your favorite nail polish base coats? I would love to hear some other recommendations!

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