Orbis Nail Color Polish 8603 (P61) Cherry Drop review/ swatch

Orbis is a brand very similar to Fancl and DHC in Japan, same as the product lines. They are mail order or internet order mostly.

Orbis Nail Color was released in 2011 and comes in over 10 new colors. They RRP for 49HKD in Hong Kong which is around 6USD or so. However , they all come in 5.5ml size only. It may sound small but I'm not really sure who really uses up their 15ml nailpolish colors anymore (once they've got over 30 or 50 bottle of polishes for a regular nail polish user over a few years), so I don't really mind the pricing.

I'm wearing #8603 "Cherry Drop" today. The English name is not on the bottle label in English, the base label only says the color code 8603 (P61), not sure what P61 stands for.

In the bottle Cherry Drop looks like most generic Japanese soft petal pink nailpolishes, you can never guess whether it will come out a pretty pink like in the bottle, or an uneven streaky generic french sheer pink that gives no color. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised!

This turns out to be a semi translucent creme , petal pink shade, without shimmers or glitters. It is inbetween a jelly and a creme shade. Not opaque and creamy enough to be a creme, yet it has the glossyness and transparency of a jelly finish. After a good 2-3 coats you get a lovely petal pink.  It's a bit of a candy pink color without looking garish. Still professional and polished enough for the office.

Here is an infrequent photo taken under sunlight!

Indoors you can see the color better- see how it's almost jelly-ish.

I love the softness and prettyness of this shade. It reminds me a lot of Chanel Morning Rose vernis from 2011. I shall do a comparison later to see if it's close enough an actual dupe.

Overall thumbs up for the color and finish. I didn't expect much from Orbis because its pricing range compared to other Japanese branded Nailpolish is actually in the slightly lower range. (e.g. compared with RMK or Coffret D'or), yet the quality is on par. The brush is not too hard to use given the bottle is small, and even with the size of the bottle I would think I can easily get over 10 manis out of this (with 2-3 coats each time).

There are a few more other shades in the collection in different finishes, I will hopefully get to them soon!

Overall 5/5.

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Jones said...

Where can I buy orbis?? I love this color!!!