Jill Stuart Summer 2011 Blush Blossom #07 Charming Lily swatch/ review

Part of the Jill Stuart 2011 Summer limited edition collection is the #07 Charming lily Blush blossom, which is basically a loose powder blush in compact form.

 Again, housed in a gorgeous silvery compact with double deck. The top deck is not for storing anything, but rather it's a separator for the bottom deck which houses the loose powder blush.

The blush is housed under a mesh with a little bit bounce, you do not remove the mesh or the plastic separator, Instead you just dip your blush brush on either side and apply as needed.

Here it is swatched under different lights etc, on left is the highlighter side, middle is the blush on its own, on right is when mixed together:

The highlighter side is a finely milled champagne, it's got a pretty delicate gorgeous sheen, not massive shimmers or sparkles, but a nice sheen. 

The blush side is a brightened pink, it's not neon or anything, but just a pop of pink. It's a bit of those 'baby doll' pink face blush. It has a similar sheen to the highlighter shade, it's not just a matte finish.

When mixed together you will get a softer pink sheen which is toned down a fair bit more than using the blush side alone.

Now here's #07 Charming Lily on the left, and #06 Little Anemone on the right (from Spring 2011).
There is a pretty subtle difference only, #07's highlighting shade is a champagne nude while the #06 highlighter side is more like a soft pink tint.

The blush side of #07 is a brightened pink, slightly more pop of pink than #06's blush side which has a softer pink tone to it. While there is a difference, I don't really think you need more than a few shades out of the blush blossom as once you mix the shades together, more or less they are going to be similar.

Overall 4/5. They are still a bit inconvenient to use due to the loose powder consistency. You have to becareful when you open it to make sure you don't accidentally tip this over or anything. It retails around 50-55USD in Japan, (however consider you do get a quality retractable brush with this). That being said, these are the most gorgeous loose powder blush I've used for sure. They are super finely milled, has a soft sheen to it rather than massive shimmers or sparkles, which makes both shades very wearable.

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