MAC Mineralized Eyeshadow Mineral Mode review/ swatch

MAC Mineralized Eyeshadow in Mineral Mode is from the 2011 limited edition Semi-precious collection.

I purchased this not really sure what the color might be in real life, I thought it would probably be a base coor even if the color's not what I expected.

In the pan it looks like a shimmery white eyeshadow base with loads of blued grey/earthy red veining.

 However once swatched, I find it very hard to discern what 'color' it is. Instead I would almost call it a white shimmery sheer eyeshadow with other sandy beige/ beige pink/ and very few flecks of grey shimmers.

It works as an eyeshadow base color / overall wash, but does not have very obvious color payoff.

From a distance it looks like a beigy-white base, but I suspect it's just blending in very well with my skin color (instead of having an actual color on its own).  Hrrrmmm interesting shade, not something I expected.

It seems a bit more 'refined' than other mineralized eyeshadow from this series, it's still not super finely milled and evenly pigment sized, but it's smooth enough to be applied as an overall eyeshadow base and I'm content with that.

Not a must have, but worth considering if you are missing an eyeshadow base something like this.

Overlal 3.5/5.

p.s. in hindsight, I probably got a mineral mode with VERY little veining which means I got something really different looking to like temptalia's swatch here

It's a bit ridiculous the same shade color can vary this much though...

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