Paul & Joe Spring Parasol Collection 2011 Pouch review

I'm a huge fan of the various new Paul & Joe prints from each season, especially when they release pouches in the same print!

This is the pouch from Spring 2011 Parasol limited edition collection. Most of the time when Paul & Joe makes pouches like this shape, it comes with a matching small zipper pouch in the same print which is totally adorable!

The pouch is around 20cm length and around 14cm height, it's probably more a clutch than a makeup bag or other usage.

I use the mini zipper pouch for putting little things like coins etc. I use Paul & Joe pouches when I go to weddings etc, they always look great with various dresses.
The Spring 2011 one comes with a baby blue lining inside. When you open the pouch it looks like this, spacious enough to put a mobile, small digital camera and my concealer, small compact foundation powder and a lipstick and some tissues. That's all I really need when I attend a function.

I'm not sure what the material is- doubt it is real silk. However it feels wonderful and quite silky, does not look cheap at all in real life.

 Close up of the print and the corner, which will have a small Paul & Joe tag.

Overall I give it 5/5. Obviously the print varies from year to year and sometimes they do sell out quickly. However sometimes some countries seem to get a lot more pouches than others and instead of buying it, it is often part of the GWP when you spend a certain amount.

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