Fancl Moist & Vital Mask review

I was going through all my face masks (I must always have at least 30-50 sheet masks around! Sometimes you buy a box and it comes with a generous 5 or 6 sheets so it accumulates so quickly), othertimes I get some samples when I purchase other items or single masks in gift sets etc.

I have to admit I'm quite lazy when it comes to face masks- usually after work I just go home, watch some tv, surf the net, then shower and going to bed. Face masks generally are required to be left on your face for a good 10minutes and often even upto 30 minutes for best results, so it's such a pain to finish shower, put on face mask, then wait around for it. I haven't actually used face mask frequent enough this year to justify keep on buying them.

However I've tried to change my routine a bit, I try to take a shower earlier, then after shower, put on a sheet mask, then start doing other things like applying body moisturiser, or remove my nailpolish or even drying my hair. Then this has proven to be a bit more time efficient so out of 7 days this week, I've actually managed to try 4 face masks.

Here's the Fancl Moist & Vital mask. Most Fancl masks comes in a standard 3 sheets. However during holiday season Fancl tend to have special promo packs where you get a full sized serum, some massage gel and one or two sheets of masks. This is usually how I come about trying most of the Fancl masks.

I was in shock when I was going through the masks thinking I've got a few varieties of Fancl masks to try, but they are all the SAME moist & vital mask. lol. They are just in different packaging since some came with the promotional sets I bought! The mask on the very RIGHT is the standard packaging when you buy a box of 3.

I'm trying this one below first (they are all the same...just different packaging). In HK Fancl the Chinese name is "滋養‧修護精華面膜 "

Ingredient: each pack contains 18ml of essence which is standard for most sheet masks (usually the range is 15ml - 21ml). The aim of this mask is " skin elasticity, anti-aging, anti-oxident". The main ingredients are the signature Fancl HTC collagen and other items.  Targeted at dry/ aged skin.

Personally I find most Fancl ranges are just fine for those with normal to combo skin even if it says targeted at dry mature skin. Fancl products usually contain low irritants and are quite good for those with sensitive skin. This particular mask is a bit more nourishing than most other Fancl masks I've tried.

The consistency of the essence inside is also a bit more milky and a little bit thicker (in a nice hydrating way, not the pore clogging feeling).

Here's what it looks like on the skin- it has pretty good adherence and seems to fit my face shape quite well. As usual with sheet masks it's normal for the nose section to be slightly uneven since most people have quite different nose shapes. This one felt fine on me.

 I left this on for 20minutes. There was also enough essence left over to apply for rest of the body. So using a sheet mask is really quite economical. I do not follow with another moisturiser like recommended on the back packaging of the mask as I felt the mask had enough oopmh to hydrate overnight.

Afterwards I was left with supple, hydrated skin. It's slightly tacky to touch but not unbearable. Next morning I didn't experience any clogged pores (as I'd experience when I use more nourishing night creams of some face masks). My skin looks and feels a bit more plump and smooth to touch and makeup goes over it very easily.

Using a sheet mask really does help with your skin for emergency days- I've had quite little sleep this week like 4-5 hours a day, but using face masks (alternating between different brands) 4 times this week has meant I barely look tired. In fact for the past 2 days I've been able to just wear a slightly light diffusing primer, concealer then apply some pressed powder or very light powder foundation on the top and I was good to go. No BB cream or liquid foundation required.

Overall 5/5 for this mask. It doesn't do miracles but it does exactly what it says- hydrates, improves skin elasticity. Not to mention it feels quite comfortable on the face. Would probably not recommend this for those with oily skin or active acnes/ breakouts.

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