Dr Scholl Medi Qtto Sleep Wearing Slimming Overnight Socks review

This is one of those popular products I keep seeing in Japanese and other Taiwanese beauty magazines and various online blogs. Basically these are a bit like those compression/ pressure socks you wear on the plane to avoid blood clotting etc and aliviate symptoms of varicose veins. (However these are not 'medically specific for varicous veins, these are just more like a beauty product).

They are suitable for people who spends a lot of time either standing at work or sitting at work and don't get enough circumlation in the legs (e.g. issues of fluid retention, visible veins and sore legs after a day of standing etc). And of course, the catch phrase- slimming socks.

You wear these at night time, it looks like just on the picture once you put it on. The socks are different to the cheaper compression socks you get where the pressure is same throughout the socks- instead it's woven in a way that different target zones have different hPA counts.
The picture below is pretty self explanatory on how to put it on. I love the fact that for the foot section, it's really shaped to your ankle and heels so it's very comfortable.

Comes packed in plastic:

Looks like this- it's pretty long so I folded the middle bit in.

The light purple bit on the top is for the heels. I love the fact it doesn't cover your toes like other bed socks which can get really stuffy and uncomfortable during your sleep.

The socks comes in 2 sizes, M for medium or L for large. See the table on picture below. It's based on your height and measurement of your leg. I just went by my height which is in the L zone. However I probably could've gone with M since the other leg measurements are probably in the M zone.

M is for height of 150-160cm, thickest circumference of lower leg 30-38cm, ankle circumference 19-23cm, feet length of 22-24cm
L is for height of 155-165cm, thickest circumference of lower leg 34-42cm,ankle circumference 21-25cm, feet length of 23-25cm

In terms of measurement when picking the size I could probably recommend people to just consider your height and the thickest circumference of lower leg- unless your ankle and feet are significantly different to average sizes it will probably be less of a factor.

(Bottom right corner of the box says "L")

These are more commonly sold in Japanese drugstores, probably $18-25USD?
They are washable, but over time as they are more or less 'elastic' so it'll stretch out a bit, then it's time to replace a new pair (maybe every 3-4 mths? depending on how often you wear this), because it only works when there's the right amount of pressure being applied.

My thoughts are these are extremely comfortable to wear, the fabric is amazingly somewhat 'cooling' - as in the fabric never gets hot or even too warm (but not as in it literally feels cold).  I do like the amount of slight pressure it applies on my legs, especially after a long day of sitting in front of the computer all day in the office (or a day of shopping lol )  they are comfortable to sleep in as well.

Next morning I do notice a bit less fluid retention on the legs and my legs feel a bit refreshed and not as sore.

This is not a gimmicky product in terms of the term "slimming", it doesn't help you lose weight and is not meant to. Instead the pressure helps with blood circulation and soothes tired legs.

The sizing is probably for standard sized girls- if your legs are much above the measurement provided on the box you can find these either too tight or too loose.

Overall 5/5, does exactly what it's supposed to do. I'll purchase a size M soon for summer since I generally lose a kilo or two when it gets warmer.


Joyce said...

Thanks for this helpful review! Was deciding which size to get and ended up with an L, just to be on the safe side :) and my legs are more swollen during winter haha! Excited to try this~

Wombat said...

Hi Joyce, glad this helps =) I actually did end up buying a 2nd pair in size M for summer. Lol. You do get a good full season wear out of these and they are pretty awesome.