Rohto Hada Labo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Water review

 This honestly took me so long to find the English name. While the Rohoto Gokujyun line is famous for the hyaluronic acid lotion (which is a toner), there has been many other products released to this line since.

This cleansing water appears to may be Taiwan/ HK only- as I cannot see it on the Rohoto Japan website. I did find it on Mentholatum website in Taiwan http://www.mentholatum.com.hk/detail.jsp?catid=11%7C18%7C20%7C145&id=300

(Rohto makes Mentholatum and that's the commonly known brand in Taiwan which is probably they put it on a mentholatum website).

Instead the Japan website has a few more other items in the line for specific foaming face wash, and also another makeup cleansing gel  (but comes in 200ml bottle and looks different to this one, the 200ml one seems to get much better reviews).

Anyway, this is the one I bought- I could not find any online review for it, not even sold on ebay.
肌研極潤透明質酸卸妝液 150ml
 This comes in 150ml bottle, with flip top, the bottle is clear plastic so you can easily see how much is left.
Retails for probably 10-12USD depending on which Asian country you purchase this from. It is meant to be a makeup remover.

While the name is cleansing water, it is really a clear gel consistency.

Here's my makeup removal test- with Estee Lauder artist's pencil eyeliner in #15 Opalescence reviewed previously.
 Pouring some gel over it- you can see the gel's just runny and clear.

Below pic is after massaging the gel in - you can see on top right corner some of the gel turns slightly brown taking some of the liner away.
(But yep seriously! it does not remove much makeup at all)

Even after some rubbing and rinsing- I still have plenty of eyeliner left!

So I decided to remove again with my normal Fasio eye makeup remover- as I was wondering whether it's because this liner is too stubborn or Rohoto cleansing water is so weak.

Fasio eye makeup remover is generally pretty good at removing all eye makeup- turns out the Estee Lauder pencil is just a bit more stubborn and after 1 wiping it is still like this. But a few more rubs it goes away completely.

So verdict of this cleansing water (really a gel) , is that it barely removes much stubborn makeup. I have no doubt if you just wear a simple sunscreen and loose powder it might be able to remove it, but the inability to remove at least half the eyeliner is pretty  poor indication- I would not be trusting this cleansing water to remove my normal daily makeup (which is mascara, a pearly primer, a powder foundation (or BB cream), and sometimes loose powder and blush).

While it feels ever so gentle on the face, it does not work as a make up remover.

For the time being I've just been using this to double cleanse (first time with cleansing oil, followed by this). It rinses off very easily and does not leave skin dry. It doesn't really foam or anything, nor emulsify and change color. It just goes on as a gel and leaves your skin as a gel.

For a makeup remover so marketed, it gets a rating of 1/5. For a normal face cleanser (not sure if this does anything apart from taking away some light shine on the face), probably a 3/5.

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