Fancl Massage & Lift Cream review

Fancl Massage & Lift cream is supposedly limited edition from 2011. It comes in a pretty pink box with tiara prints on both the box and the product tube. The tube contains 50g of products.

The massage lift cream is a whoel new category of skincare altogether- they are facial massage creams , not intended to be left on the face as a normal moisturiser, or just sit on your face like a facial mask.
The instructions says to massage into face and neck area, it moisturisers and improves blood and lymph circulation, leaves skin supple, lustrous and resilient.

Application instruction: after cleansing your face, while face is still lightly damp, take 2 cherry sized amount dollops on your face, then massage with fingers tips over your face and neck in circular motion for a few minutes. Then rinse with warm water lightly, and follow with your normal moisturisers.

Comes in a screw top cap and opening looks like this.

The massage cream is like a light moisturiser consistency, it does contain some essential oil base which means it's very mildly fragranced. However it does not massage out to feel oily on the skin. Instead massaging your face with this feels like just rubbing a light fluffy moisturisers around, it doesn't emulsify or do anything like miraculous foaming or feels tingly on the skin or anything like that.

I usually apply a bit less than recommended dose (like maybe just 1 cherry size), after I clean my face in the shower (with Fancl cleansing oil and any foaming face wash), then I massage this in for a good 3 minutes, then I leave it on the face while I wash my hair or scrub my body etc.  Then I rinse it off with warm water (do not follow with another face cleanser or toner). It doesn't hurt to not rinse it for ages as I feel whatever's in the massage cream wouldn't hurt too much when left on your skin for a bit longer. (Though I've tried this as overnight moisturiser, it's probably a bit too rich and not meant to be used that way).

It leaves my skin sort of lightly hydrated and feeling very supple afterwards. The next day I do feel less puffyness to my face as well.

It's interesting because I know some people would probably think this is a useless product, but honestly massages help your face in terms of lifting and getting rid of that tired look or puffed up face from excess water retention. A lot of Japanese beauty magazines dedicate a special chapter at times to talk about various massage techniques. I don't follow much technique but just generally massage in circular motion lightly with finger tips, focusing on areas I want to "lift". (e.g. I get a bit of puffy face and eyes when I'm tired).


Overall I do like this product, it's not a huge hassel to use, and the waiting time means I can just wash my hair inbetween or something, so it's not like I have to wait around for extra 15-20 minutes like a facial mask.

Definitely will be a hit or miss item for most people I believe. Suitable for those who actually enjoy a variety of skincare and would have time to incorporate some massage into their skincare regime.

You will not notice an immediate difference like some facial masks do, but a very slight gradual improvement to your overall firmness of skin and help with puffyness.

Overall rating 4/5.

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