Jill Stuart Summer 2011 Jelly Eye Color N #14 Dazzling Tear #16 Romantic Cat swatch/ review

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N #14 Dazzling Star and #16 Romantic cat are from the summer 2011 limited edition collection.
Jill Stuart Summer 2011 limited edition collection comes in an array of small items, from the gel eyeliner and new brushes, to the 2 new shades of Jelly Eye Color N (might be 3- there's a #15 inbetween 14 and 16 but I didn't see it ), plus the new blush duo in #07 charming lily and lipgloss in #21 dreamy paradise.

Here's #14 dazzling star. Comes in a gorgeous little glass pot. I know I've reviewed a few cream eyeshadows just this month, but these are nothing like the Chanel illusion ombre eyeshadow or the Armani eyes to kill intesnse eyeshadows, which are mainly metallic and high shimmers with ultra pigmentation.

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color has been around for a few years, they are basically a cooling jelly consistency light whipped cream eyeshadow with a certain translucency, and more dense sparkles/ shimmers (than high metallics or refined high pigments like Chanel or Armani).

These can be applied sheerly or layered for more color intensity and high shimmer/ sparkly finish. Typical Jill Stuart's favorite finishes.

#16 ROMANTIC CAT is on the right. It looks scarily red-pink in the pot but in real life it's more a brightened pink.

Swatch shades below:
Surprisingly these photograph best without flash photography. With flash it is impossible to pick up the base color as the sparkles and shimmers reflect too much.

Each color is swiped twice, once sheerly and once layered. You can see #14 Dazzling Star is the 2 swatches on the left, it is honestly so pretty. The base is a nudish champagne with a high reflective sheen once layered, and a lot of little sparkles of silver. I find it really difficult to describe the color and finish. It's just got that shiny wet sheen to it because of the unique jelly consistency. Definitely not like anything I own currently.  Applied sheerly it's a sheerer sparkle of champagnes. Dazzling Star is a very fitting name.

Romantic Cat #16 is on the right, it applies sheerly as a romantic pink. I can wear a very sheer layer on my lid without looking like I got pink eyes. This shade is pigmented and can layer to a medium bright pink shimmer very easily. I thought this would not be very wearable at all, but to my surprise it is wearable and looks so feminine layered with Dazzling Star as an overall wash and Romantic Cat just in the crease.

Overall I do like these two shades and I find they wear fine on my lids without much crease. Just need to watch out not to rub my eyes because there are silvery particles that could fall out.
Overall rating 4/5. These are limited editions for summer 2011.

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