Burt's Bees Raidance Lip Shimmer (lip balm) review/ swatch

I've heard great things about Burt's Bees lipbalm and other products over the years, but never quite got around to trying the lipbalm. (I do love the lemon butter cuticle cream and almond hand cream for intensive night time treatment ).

It comes in a very slim long tube, about 8 cm in length. It's a twist mechanism.

The cap is sealed on purchase, and you twist and the paper seal will break.

Ingredient list (I know they claim to be a 100% natural brand and all, but the list is really long!)

Here's what the lip shimmer in 'radiance' looks like. It comes in other colors I think, a few pinks/reds /plums.
Radiance is basically a moonwhite shimmer in a clear lipbalm base.

Here's where the color is much more obvious in pic below, you can see the shimmers:

Swatched without flash: this is the only way I can get the shimmers to show- it's just a moon white, not quite silvery, but there's a light white shimmer to it, very evenly distributed among the lipbalm base.
(The base of the lip shimmer feels like a standard lipbalm, so I would really just call this a clear lip balm with white shimmers).

Under flash light it's not obvious at all:

Here's a very quick swatch- on my red lips it's just adds a slight white shimmer (but doesn't even out your lip color or anything).

The lip shimmer is also in a minty balm- it's like spearmint more than peppermint. (I don't like spearmint very much). So on application there's a slight tingle/ coolness. I generally prefer my balms to be menthol and peppermint free though.

It also has a relatively soft consistency, so if you swipe too many times you can have a bit of an uneven balm on the lips. Best left with just a light swipe or two.

As for moisturising properties- it's pretty mild- not the most soothing lip balm (I would not use this on a very chapped lips as the balmy texture means any lipbalm just migrates to flaky bits and the white shimmer accentuates it), but I guess this is a slight twist to a normal clear lipbalm for those who are bored with standard lipbalms, yet don't want a colored lipbalm.

Overall 2.5/ 5. Not really my thing, but I will use it up.

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