YSL Nail Laque Polish #43 Wintergreen 2011 Fall vs MAC Deep Sea Nail polish colour swatch/ review

Fall season means all these brands are coming out with dark greens and burgandy and various deep shades of nail polishes.

Here's a change to my usual pink and nudes direction, YSL Nail Laque 2011 Fall collection in #43 Wintergarden.

I was just going to wear the YSL, then I realised it reminded me so much of MAC Deep Sea which was also recently acquired.

Well here they are, MAC deep sea on the left and YSL wintergreen on the right.

MAC Deep Sea looks like an inky, dark forest green in a creme/ opaque finish in the bottle, while YSL wintergreen has a lot more jewel toned shimmer/ flash in a slightly brighter looking forest green base.

Here are swatches below- I'm holding YSL WinterGreen in my hand.
The top 2 nails are MAC Deep Sea, bottom 2 are YSL.

Obviously the YSL shimmer is a lot more visible.

In this swatch below I'm holding MAC Deep Sea in my hand.
The two top nails are still MAC Deep Sea and bottom 2 are YSL wintergarden. I'm not wearing a topcoat in either picture above or below. Both polishes has a superb glossy finish.

I know you must be thinking....they are the same once on the nails! Other than one has shimmer and the other one doesnt. On the nails they are both a very rich , pigmented deep forest green  (YSL seems a tinge more opaque than MAC). The YSL shimmers are beautiful, jewel toned like, and even. It makes the deep green look glowy.

MAC on the other side offers a crisp, clean creme finish. Looks better with short nails while YSL can be sported on both medium length or long nails since the shimmers help with that.

So....verdict? I love YSL 43 wintergreen a bit more I think. I just find it amazing how they are exactly the same shade on the nails, just one shade is missing shimmers. To be honest due to the very dark color base, the YSL shade will NOT be as sparkly/ shimmery in real life under natural light compared to my photos. MAC looks like a pretty nice dark green glossy creme too in natural light.

Overall 5/5 for YSL, and 4/5 for MAC. The YSL shimmer is truly gorgeous particularly with such a deep shade.

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