Paul & Joe Moisturizing Mist N review

My general feel about all these facial mists or sprays is they are essentially just water. There's no need to pay a fortune to buy a super expensive one. Every now and then, I do buy those Avene eau de thermale though- as Avene does feel a bit soothing on the skin (and quite convenient for leaving in the bedroom where you do not have other water source near by).

This is Paul & Joe's 2011 version of the moisturizing mist N. It comes in a super pretty and very light metallic aerosal can. The nozzle  bit is in a champagne gold plastic while the bottle is in the Paul & Joe signature white with the orange blossom leave prints.

Instruction says to spray at least 30cm (or 12") away from skin and apply with your hands. Close eyes and mouth during spray. Can be used over or under makeup.

Here it is on the skin- the mist is super fine so even macro photography cannot pick up much visible water droplets (which is the issue I have with a lot of these facial mists since water droplets that are too big can melt your makeup, instead of rehydrating the makeup).

Has a very faint orange blossom scent. Overall this is not intended to replace a toner or anything like that, instead it just offers some portable freshness. I leave the bottle at work and spray on hotter summer afternoons as I sit next to a full wall of window.

Overall 4/5. Does its job. Aerosol can means the mist is ultra fine. However 60ml is not very much, and you can probably find cheaper alternatives. I'm guessing this retails below 20USD. Not a necessity, but if you were after a water mist and like to use one regularly, this is a good option. ( I still find avene more soothing and obviously better value for money- but the Paul & Joe one looks just way prettier).

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Jamilla Camel said...

I love mist sprays in hot and humid weather - thanks for the review!