Chanel Brilliant Extreme Glossimer 158 BRAISE Levres Scintilantes lipgloss review/ swatch

I have to admit back when glossimers were first released, I was never a fan of these. Especially those really popular shades like Blizzard, Black tie etc- I found them a bit too sparkly and often frosty.

However over the last 2 years the glossimer collections had grown a bit with lots of wearable soft pinks and peaches and I've started experimenting with them again.

This is easily the darkest glossimer I have, I think this is 2011 fall collection. It looks like a medium wine red, with flecks of gold shimmers.

Here it is swatched: you can see the base color is surprisingly sheer even though it looks deep in the tube. The gold shimmers are rather fine and does not stand out obviously to make this glossimer frosty.

Lip swatch: it really just tints my lips with a touch of a sheer pink red- it's not wine red, but like a soft red and the shimmers become very soft and unnoticeable. I actually like how this color turned out because it adds a touch of color and brightens the overall look (without saying "look I'm wearing a dark colored lipgloss here").

 Here it is close up again:

Overall 4/5. If you are expecting a lot of color payoff, this is not the glossimer for you. However if you like a tint of color and would like to experiment something different to normal soft pinks and peaches, this is a great entry level choice. I don't think the color is super unique for Chanel (especially given the pricetags with all Chanel cosmetucs), if price is not an issue this would be a nice gloss to try.

It's unscented, does not taste like anything in particular, and not really sticky at all, the shimmers are not gritty or grainy but very subtle and understated. The lipgloss does have a good grip to not migrate around too much or look too gooey and thick.

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Jamilla Camel said...

Very sensuous colour and finish!