LaVie Eye Lab De wrinkle Eye Patch mask with collagen and vitamins complex review

I actually got these are freebies from one of my HK purchases a while ago (I believe it's sold in selected HK drugstores like Watsons/ Mannings etc). I would guess the price to be around 20USD for a box of 5? (this is just purely based on the price of their eye cream which I can see from online it's sold for 200HKD which is just 27USD or something so it's likely the eye masks will be around similar prices).

These are basically sheet eye masks for the undereye area. This one is targeted at wrinkles.

Here's what it looks like after I open the pack. The sheet mask feels like a normal sheet mask for the face but in a thinner finish. It adhere to under eye area very well.
This actually performs surprisingly well- I've always used eye masks on and off (usually only freebies or ones that come in a set or something) and never really found them to be miraculous.  However this eye mask certainly did hydrate and seems to plump up the undereye skin area. (As it plumps up slightly, hence the 'dewrinkling'. I do not have much issues with fine lines or crows feet so that's all I can observe.

The next morning my undereye area does feel a bit smoother and makeup goes over it easier.

Overall 4/5. Does what it promises- not sure if it will dewrinkle serious wrinkles or crows feet, but for girls in their late 20s or 30s this will be a nice simple eye mask that won't break the bank.

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