Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel (face scrub) review

This is the face scrub from Laneige. Each tube is 120ml, depending on which parts of Asia you purchase this I think the price is anywhere between 25-35USD.

Comes in a long soft plastic tube like a lot of face washes.

The opening is like this- just the right size. It is easy to have some scrubs building up around the cap though.

Looks like this on the skin- it's a soft pretty pink, very fine granular scrub in a creamy base. It smells so yummy, like a strawberry yoghurt, a bit sweet.

Spreading it out - you can see the gradules are really fine- I'm not sure what's the base of the granules but it's not really 'sandy' or scrubby and doesn't feel sharp either. It feels quite gentle on the skin. Not as smooth and rounded as the Peter Thomas Roth scrubbing beads (or other jojoba bead type of scrubs), but not jagged like the St Ives apricot scrub.

The base of the scrub feels like a gel-cream cleanser, it doesn't foam. I suspect the mechanism of this scrub is similar to Origins Scrubs with Fruit Enzymes, i.e. a gel based enzyme scrub with physical granular scrubbing beads inside too.

Spreaded out: (it's non-foaming)

I usually massage this onto skin, concentrating on t-zone and areas with large pores or blackheads. Leave on for maybe 1-2 minute (while I wash my hair or brush my teeth or something). Then rinse off.

Overall it leaves my skin feeling very soft and polished. It's non irritating. Leaving it on for more than 1 or 2 min doesn't seem to make a marked difference in effect, so I think the enzyme action is very gentle. I do not need to follow with a separate face wash either.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for a gentle face scrub. (my skin is thin and sensitive now, so I only use a gentle scrub once a week. Maybe a stronger scrub like those microdermabrastion type e.g. Origins modern friction, once a month).

Overall 5/5.

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