Fancl Cool & Moist Jelly Mask review

Here's yet another mask review. (yes now the weather's warming up here, I'm quite desperate to finish all my masks, particularly all the Fancl ones since they only have a 12 month shelf life).

This is Fancl Cool & Moist Jelly Mask, usually marketed during summer.
 You can see from the diagram, it comes with 2 sheets for the side of face only.
(click to enlarge pic)

I forgot to take a photo of the masks still in the plastic wrapping- but basically the 2 masks are placed in this plastic separator. This is always the case for the 'jelly' type of masks Fancl makes.
On the face on one side, you can see the jelly mask has perfect adherence and it is sort of translucent as well. A jelly like consistency. Feels very cooling on application.

As for effects- I think this is meant to be an after sun mask for cooling the skin etc but I do not find too much other benefits after using this mask. It does adhere well, feels pleasant on application, minimally scented, but I wish it comes with a forehead piece too. (Usually I do the two patches on side of face for 15min, then move the mask to forehead and chin).

It does provide light hydration, but not as much as the other Fancl normal sheet masks like the Moist & Vital masks etc.

overall 3/5. Cool to use, adheres well, but the effect is not that fantastic whether at calming the skin or moisturising.  However would be suitable for those with oily skin who enjoy using sheet masks (but may find the other thicker sheet masks too nourishing).

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