Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Lipsticks PK356, PK341, PK332, PK339, PK319, BG932 reviews and pictures

Shu Uemura released a lot of the limited edition Rouge Unlimited Lipsticks in various pinks and nudes for 2011 Spring sakura pink collection.

These ones feature pink tube packaging instead of the normal lucite clear ones.

From left to right are: PK356, PK341, PK332, PK339, PK319 and BG932.

PK stands for Pink, while BG stands for Beige. this is how Shu Uemura color code works.

PK356 is a medium brightened fuschia pink. It's not neon fuschia, but definitely brightish.
PK341 is still a slightly brighter medium rose pink. It's a bit more neutral toned.
PK332 is a cool pink with a touch of rose- very office appropriate shade and understated.
PK339 is a slightly pastel cherry blossom petal pink. It's not a very soft pink, but there is a slight creaminess to this color which makes the color a bit less translucent looking than the others.
PK319 is a cool mauve pink. On its own the mauve is not so obvious but once placed with the other shades, you can see it's a cool mauve undertone.
BG932 is a nude beige with peach undertones- it's not those dead nude color but a very wearable, everyday nude beige peach. It doesn't scream 'brown' based but is very flattering on warm skintoned girls.

All the rouge unlimited lipsticks are quite true to color in the tube, as Shu Uemura prides itself in the its pigment technology. I find that while being true to the color in the tube, it doesn't necessarily mean being flattering when worn. They are slightly creamy, light shine, but not full opaque. It's emollient enough without being slippery or too creamy looking.

I'll try to update some swatch pictures- still trying to master how to make color swatches look good.

Overall rating 4/5. Definitely worth trying a few shades out =)


astrorainfall @ beauty box said...

What a lovely array of colours! Honestly, I've never explored Shu Uemura, except for their cleansing oil...because the brand seems rather "quiet and clean" compared to other girly/edgy brands in Japan which seem to market themselves more aggressively, e.g. Lunasol, Addiction, Jill Stuart, Paul & Joe...I might go to a Shu counter and swatch these...

Jamilla Camel said...

I LOVE The Rouge Unlimited Sheer lipsticks - I'm addicted!

Wombat said...

Hi astrorainfall- yes I do agree Shu seems rather 'quiet' compared to other Japanese brands which are looking more and more princessy and glam (and better packagings by the day!)- but they do have a few staple items I like (a few rouge unlimited supreme shine are nice too).

Jamilla =) yes these are preeettty! you should also check out the supreme shine lipsticks in the elongated tubes. They are even glossier!