Shiseido Maquillage Nail Color BE223 swatch/ review

This is probably the Maquillage nail polish released in 2010 or maybe late 2009- from 2011 on the packaging has changed.

I always felt the change was probably due to the 2009/2010 nailpolishes being of inconsistent and sometimes poor quality, especially the more metallic or frosty shades- they tend to be quite uneven, gluggy and streaky at times.

However, for the creme, pastel and pearly shades, they perform quite well. Here's BE223 (BE stands for 'beige' tone).

Comes in a nice elongated bottle- contains 10ml which is the standard size for most Japanese department store brand polishes.

Here's the nail swatch- my nail was actually in pretty poor condition for the last 2 weeks because of the weather- it's weak at the tips and breaks easily. However this polish seems to mask that quite well.

On the nails it's a soft beige peach, a tinge of pink, but slightly more beige peach. It's soft enough not to turn into a muddy beige or look like a bandaid shade. Well balanced nude color. I would think it looks nicer on pale skin than tanned skin due to the beige tone though.

It has a pearly finish- not frosty. Good coverage with 2-3 coats. I'm wearing 2 coats on all nails.

Overall rating is 4/5. It wore reasonably well, a good 4 days before small chipping while I was travelling.  I would recommend trying the french and pastel/ softer shades from the Maquillage Nail Color series in this design and really do avoid most metallic or frosty shades. (the very shimmery or foiled shades seem to be fine though). Not sure about the current 2011 versions and overall performance just yet- I will get to those shortly!

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