Canmake Cheek & Cheek Blush Duo #01 Candy Flowers review/ swatch

Canmake Cheek & Cheek blushes are little duo blushes released in early 2011 I think. The old single blushes were still available in the Japanese stores (single color ones in the grid patterns).

The Cheek& Cheek blush duos comes in 4 permanent shades currently (and shade #05 limited edition for holiday 2011 I think).  The color names are:
[01] Candy Flowers

[02] Rose Tiara
[03] Kiss Gerbera
[04] Love Blossom

I'm reviewing #01 Candy Flowers here.

Despite having 4 shades currently, in picture above from the website, you can see once you have maybe 2 out of the 4 the shades are somewhat similar and it is unlikely you really need all 4.

#01 Candy Flower below: comes in a light plastic (but not too cheap looking) compact. These retails for merely 714 Yen full price RRP in Japanese drugstores so that's only less than 8USD. Absolute bargain!

#01 Candy Flowers up close: the left hand side is a soft pastel pink, it's quite a pure pastel pink and does not have peach tones or rose tones inside. The color on the right looks a bit more true orange in real life but in photos it looks more like an orange coral. Both shades have some shimmers inside (mostly silver) , while visible in compact and in photos I consider it subtle on well primed skin.

Also comes with a very miniature blush brush- I consider it rather useless since it is just way too small. Nevertheless for touchups I think it's sufficient. The bristles are very soft which means it often doesn't pick up quite enough powders.

Back of compact, the color code (01) is on top right corner.

I've taken quite a few swatches, the left shade is as I described, a true pastel pink. It doesn't look very 'fake' on the skin as pastel shades sometimes would, as it is sheer and translucent enough.

The right shade applies quite corally peach/ orange on the skin (and very pretty IMO), especially when blended with the pink slightly.

On the bottom of the swatch is the shade when both colors are blended together.

The blended shade outcome is more visible in swatch pic below: you get a soft peachy pink shade. You can add more peach into it by applying a bit more of the orange side.

You can see the very sparse shimmers are only slightly visible in photos.

Overall 5/5 for these blushes, especially given the price. I mean they are not going to be better than Jill Stuart blush quads (which these were often initially compared with), but the pigmentation is decent and colors are gorgeous. The finish is also lovely if you use a proper blush brush.

I do not experience fading or oxidation with this blush even after a full 8 hour wear.

I picked a few of the other colors from the same range which I will review overtime.


Jamilla Camel said...

I love Canmake blushes - especially the Cream Cheek!

Wombat said...

I love canmake too- it's so underrated when it comes to Japanese drugstore brands. Lol I'm yet to open my cream cheek colors, cant wait!

astrorainfall @ beauty box said...

I love the cream cheek blush too - v superior quality considering the price! I swatched the Cheek & Cheek at the store a few times because they are so raved about in blogs, but they seem kind of chalky...or maybe I was too heavy handed. They look super cute on models in the Jap mags though ;-)

Wombat said...

Hi astrorainfall =) I do find that you may feel the cheek and cheek could be a bit chalky (but seems to be limited on the pink side of the blushes normally since the pinks tend to be very dolly pink sort of pink), but once on the cheeks they are quite natural.

On the coffret dor nailpolishes- I believe they are a bit cheaper in Asia (like Japan and HK) plus in Japanese drugstores they are often discounted at like 30% off etc so you could find them for like 4 or 5 USD at times and well worth trying around that price.