Apivita Express Beauty with Pomegranate revitalizing and radiance face mask review

Apivita is a Greek brand that seems to be selling at a slightly more inflated price in various parts of Asia (e.g. Taiwan, Hong Kong). The face masks probably retail for around 220-260HKD for a box of about 8 satchets of masks which is quite dear at like 30USD.

These are basically 'smaller' and more portable mask satchets, it's basically a creamy rinse off type of mask as opposed to sheet masks.

The actual satchets are attached like these, in sets of 2, you just tear one off.

Individual satchets look like this:

Directions for use, basically on cleansed skin, apply on mask, massage in, leave for 10min then rinse and pat dry, follow with other usual skincares.

It looks like this once I squeeze it out- there are a few random red dots which are like some sort of pomegranate seed granules perhaps? They do not feel abrasive or sharp, and doesn't seem to completely dissolve either when massaged in.

The consistency is creamy but not 'oily', it's relatively light.

Here it is massaged on my face- honestly 1 satchet provides way plenty, I used the rest on my decolletage area and it was still hard to use it up.

It did feel a bit "warm" when massaged in, I'm not sure but it could be some sort of essential oil , not quite peppermint sort of tingly 'warm' feeling but definitely something there. 

It also feels a bit more 'slippery' once massaged into face, likely due to the olive oil/ sunflower oil content also listed which provides some slip for the mask.

I left it on after shower, for 10 minutes, before rinsing off. It rinses off easily with warm water.

My face did look 'slightly' more radiant (but this is often due to the increased moisture content in the skin after using a mask). The mask is supposed to boost radiance and revitalise, so I suppose maybe it's the mask working. To be honest I didn't feel too much of a difference especially the next day. Sometimes when I use a mask the night before, the next day I would normally feel my skin is more plump/ moisturised/ less tired looking and makeup goes on more easily etc, but not so much this mask.

I did not experience any breakouts after using this.

Overall rating 3/5. If I used up the whole box and notice anything different, I shall report, otherwise it feels very average to me.

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