Japan holiday haul....part 1

Yes I actually just came back from Japan =) Honestly I would have thought I'd buy a lot more beauty products, but with the current Yen exchange rate (plus I also stopped over in HK), buying in Japan actually ended up being quite costly.

Drugstore brands like Majolica, Kate, Lavshuca, it's quite likely you can find it cheaper in HK.

However things like Visee, Sofina (including Aube Couture and other sofina lines), Kiss Me , Cezanne etc, it's worth buying in Japan, just shop around a few more drugstores- I found a drugstore in Shibuya that had Kose and Maquillage lines at 30%~40% off RRP (the largest drugstore chains usually go as much as 20-30% off only). Brands like Majolica Majorca and Canmake I didn't see get discounted anywhere (but I'd say I went into about 10 drugstores at most, including some Plaza stores).

I still didn't go crazy though-because with internet shopping now and strong AUD, it is highly likely I would be able to buy a lot of things online including shipping at potentially same or cheaper prices, so I only really bought items that were hard to find online or were 'cheap' and I didn't feel I needed to research much online before purchasing.

I actually didn't buy anything from department stores given the high yen, and knowing myself I'd turn into the " I will take this, and that, and this, and that " instantly should I be in front of an actual testing counter full of beautiful makeup lol, maybe I should have checked out the Addict line and things like Suqqu and Elegance (from Albion) etc though.
Haul picture above, click to enlarge, but I'll review them all eventually. This was first group picture a few days into the trip, I bought a bit more bits and pieces which arent included here.

Yes they are mostly blushes, if you can spot it there are like 4 canmake blushes in the middle...they were only 500 (creme blush)-650 (powder blush duos) yen each which is like 8USD or something each, so my hand slipped easily.

On the bottle middle are some Visee xmas limited edition eyeshadow (which I started using already) plus LE lipgloss.

Also on middle left are the two LE xmas blushes for Lavshuca.

More reviews to follow! =)

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Jamilla Camel said...

What an amazing haul! I'll need to take an extra suitcase with me when I go next year!