RMK Nail Color EX P-03 Medium Beige review/ swatch

I actually wore this shade a bit longer ago but never got around to sorting the photos. I decided to review this right after the Maquillage BE223 shade so you can see how much the underlying beige tones can change the overall look of the nail color.

This is RMK Nail Color EX in P-03 medium beige, "P" stands for "Pearl" in the RMK nail polish charts.

It looks rather beautiful in the bottle, like a neutral soft beige with some white or silver based shimmers- the shimmers are so fine it's more like pearlized shimmers.

Each RMK polish contains 12ml.

Ok here is where the 'slight' disappointment comes in. It's actually a little bit 'thick' for me in terms of consistency- you can see the finger tip on the very right has a unnaturally thick layer since I accidentally gooped on too much (and couldn't be bothered to restart given I usually apply my nail colors right before bedtime).

Consistency aside, the color is probably too nude for my liking. It is true nude beige with a white/silvery pearl finish, there isn't too much peach or pink inside to balance it out. If it came with a golden pearl shimmer it might work better? However it is a unique color indeed and I cannot think of anything else I have remotely similar. Reminds me slightly of Chanel cashmere nail polish at most in terms of base color but it is still quite different.

I can imagine it might look a bit too 'bandaid' color like for people with even more tanned skintones.

Overall 2/5. It's not a terrible color or terrible consistency, just that I've had nicer nudes and beiges. It'll be unfair to say I hate it given the color code name does clearly say Medium Beige and this is exactly what you get =P


Jamilla Camel said...

The RMK SA at Selfridges told me that everything RMK makes is fabulous EXCEPT for the Nail varnish!

Wombat said...

So lucky you get RMK there! Actually a lot of RMK polishes are quite good, but the hit or miss ratio seems quite high! some absolutely lovely shades while some are just blah =P