Sofina Beaute Whitening Day Protector sp review/ swatch (2011 collection)

This might seem a bit de javu as even I was checking myself whether I have reviewed this before. Yes yet another Sofina SPF sunscreen/day moisturiser review.

This probably shows how much I love Sofina's SPF day moisturisers as this is easily my 5th or 6th bottle of various Sofina sunscreens. Funnily enough it's always been a different one from different Sofina lines to date, as Sofina simply has a lot of different lines targeted at different consumer groups and age groups etc.

This is from Sofina Beaute line, the subline is the Whitening range.  Personally I find it almost identical to the Sofina Beaute UV Cut Milk SPF50 moist  which I reviewed before. Other than this is from the whitening line.

The product packaging is mainly white in the whitening line, other than that the nozzle, content , scent are all very similar.

This one is also SPF 50+ PA+++.

It says after cleansing, apply toner then this. (This is intended to be a SPF day moisturiser, so you do not need a separate sunscreen or moisturiser to be used in conjunction with this. However I do sometimes use my usual face serum (lately it's been the Fancl White Essence ) before using this and it seems to layer just fine.

The bottle contains 32ml, lasts for a good few months.

 Very simplistic and pretty packaging:

Again, a nozzle opening, which dispense the right amount easily and you can control the amount that comes out.

Quick swatch- you can see it is on the more runny side. It is not oily or super 'slick' like some other silicone or those 'liquidpaper-like' Japanese sunscreens (they tend to dry very quickly but has a uncomfortable overly smooth and slightly tight feeling due to the silicone content).  That being said , those with dry skin might find this not moisturising enough.

Spreaded out: you can see it sinks in quickly and leaves minimal shine. No whitecast either.

Overall easily my daily SPF moisturiser. I have not experienced clogged pores with this and find it easily removed with my  usual makeup cleansers. On my slightly dry cheeks in winter I do need a moisture boost so I sometimes even use a little bit of moisturising gel underneath- however this is also the main advantage of this moisturiser- it is not super oily or thick which means it is very easy to layer with other skincare as needed.

Overall 5/5. If you haven't tried Sofina sunscreens you really should (though most people have a love or hate relationship with this) but I really do recommend trying it.

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Jamilla Camel said...

This looks great! Thanks for the review!