Kanebo Coffret D'or Nail Color PK155 (2011) swatch / review

This is part of the Japan haul, for Kanebo Coffret D'or new 2011 nail polish collections. The bottles are now in a roundish bottle (each contains 8ml), as opposed to the squarish ones from 2010.

The consistency has not varied much against 2010 versions, i.e. it depends on which color and finish you get. While the color codes do not spell out the finishes, I believe when marketing the product Coffret D'or does allocate the polishes into 'quardrants' like shine, clear, shimmer etc for different finishes.

In the bottle it looks like a slightly sheer iridescent light pink , not a full pearl to give a pearlised finish or that opacity, but more like very very fine shimmers that more resembles an iridescence.

On the nails it reminds me of OPI Princesses Rule! or something, but not as sparkly but just the color base is similar. Sheerish pink. It does not offer full coverage even with 2 or 3 coats, it will still be sheer, just that the iridescence increases.

Now, here comes the bit where I explain why I do not love this polish- it's a bit plain, while in photos it does show up as a pretty soft lightly sparkly pink, in real life there are some random 'glitters' spreaded throughout. Which means the surface does not feel flat and it actually makes it look uneven in real life (you can actually feel the bumpiness too). The glitters are just so unnecessary additions to this shade.

See below photo. It still doesn't quite capture the very sparse glitters but  you can see the surface looks a bit uneven on one of the finger tips.

The finish is also not fully glossy and shiny- there is some gloss to it but not the usual high-shine I would expect from a good quality polish. I didn't follow with a topcoat.

It still lasting well after 3 days though- have not experienced chipping yet.

Overall 4/5 for the wear but 2.5/5 for the color and finish. It is just somewhat lacking. If this was priced at a drugstore price for like $3USD or 4 USD a bottle that's fine with me, but Coffret D'or polishes are a bit pricier than that (depending on whether you bought from discounted drugstores or not you are probably still looking at 8USD+ ).

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astrorainfall @ beauty box said...

I have been wondering about Coffret D'Or nail polishes as I'm trying to find alternatives to OPI and Essie which I love...but they are so pricey in Japan so am trying to be open-minded about Japanese brands for nail polish...