Bobbi Brown Bare Sparkle 15 High Shimmer Lip Gloss review/ swatch

Bobbi Brown released a bunch of the new "High Shimmer Lip Gloss" shades in 2011. I grabbed what seemed like a nice nude pink shade in "Bare Sparkles" online.

This shows you the importance of reading other online reviews or trying to find some swatches. It looks gorgeous like a champagne pink shimmer lipgloss in the tube. Comes in an elongated tube which contains a decent 7ml size.

Here it is again under a slightly more yellow light which brings out the peach tone. I would really say this is more a nude champagne- peach (and less pink).

Now for the (disappointing) swatches. It really just looks like this. you can see the base color is practically clear- the sparkles are just bits of champagne pale gold shimmers.

On the lips for me it's really just a clear lipgloss with some sparkles. It's not supepr high shine or high shimmer like the name suggested either.

I was eating before taking the swatch so you can see my lips are a bit naturally redder in the middle - and this does not cover or even out my lipcolors at all. Basically you should think of this as a clear lipgloss.

Everything else about this gloss was at best, average. You can find 40580182481 drugstore lipgloss like this at a fraction of the price. The formula is ok, not ultra sticky but it's not as smooth and luscious as Armani lip shimmer or as 'crystal' like gloss as Chanel aqualumiere glosses either. This gets a 2/5 from me.

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Jamilla Camel said...

I'm with you. I'm not into BB glosses, but I DO love BB lipsticks!