Fancl Clear Spot J-Mask review

Fancl Clear Spot J-Masks are those jelly sort of feel bilcellulose mask. It's meant to be targed at sun spots/ freckles you'd get around the cheek area or around eyes.

Each mask sachet comes with 1 pair of masks for each side of cheek.

Ingredient list etc  (click to enlarge).

This is what it looks like- two plastic sheets contains the two jelly masks. The jelly masks are really small! like the size of eye masks.

Applied on face, you can see the mask is very translucent and a bit 'jelly' like. I apply for a good 15 minutes then remove.

Honestly I don't expect this mask to remove my freckles or sunspots at all- it's curious why Fancl would make something like this either. Usually a box of mask only comes with 3 or 4 masks in each packet, so I really do not believe there are any intensive treatment mask that can get rid of sunspots or freckles within one or two boxes.

After removing the mask, my skin feels slightly more hydrated. This mask feels cooling on application and I like the jelly texture- it adheres well.

Overall after using 2 boxes I do not notice any difference in freckles, sunspots or acne marks. It provides light hydration but for a targeted spot treatment, this hardly does anything.

Overall rating 1/5 - invest in a good whitening serum instead I would say.

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