Fancl Beauty Facial Treatment Hydrating pack review

These are basically Fancl's version of wash-off masks in convenient little tubes. They come in a box of 5 or 6 and retails for around 20-30USD depending on where you purchase it from.

Each tube contains 13g of mask. Which is a lot- most sheet masks contain a standard 10ml to 15ml essence, depending on how runny it is normally.

You twist off the cap, and the opening will look like this: (unfortunately the cap is not designed to be plugged back as these tubes are for single use only).

Consistency: it's light and creamy without being greasy.

Fancl's instruction is to clean face, then apply this to cleansed face and massage in, then leave for 10-20minutes then rinse off, then follow with other skincare items.

Here's my face -looking irritated and a bit angry pores since I haven't had much sleep the night before. I don't have active acne right now but I do have a bit of freckles/spots and enlarged pores on the cheeks. This is taken under flash photography and you know how bad your skin can look if you turn flash on!

Applying the mask generously- it sort of turns a bit clear after massaging in:

After rinse off in picture below (I think I left it on for 10-20min? cannot remember exactly). You can see it clearly soothes my skin (especially the large pores around the cheek area that were looking a bit red before), skin looks brightened (because it's now hydrated) and generally a bit more glow. Again, taken with flash photography.

I do find it soothes a bit and provides some hydration. However I do not feel it's more powerful than my other favored masks like Sofina whitening mask where the effect is visible the next day. Generally the next day my skin feels just "slightly" better than usual, but not as well as some other sheet masks.

In terms of size , the 13g is massive, you can really apply half a tube on the whole face, neck, decolletage and still have half a tube left over. So usually I use this at night, then just put the tube aside and use the next morning (never noticed consistency changing).

I probably give this 3.5 or 4/5. It's a bit of a strange mask for me- sometimes it works (I think from my own pictures I can notice a difference), but sometimes it doesn't quite deliver.

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