Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer #18 Nude Attitude 2011 swatch/ review

Here's another review of the new Estee Luader nail lacquer 2011 shades.
This is #18, Nude Attitude.

Again, comes in the signature crystal looking design.

I first prepped my nails with Seche Vite ridge filling base coat, as the base coat offers a slight white base, in case #18 Nude Attitude turns out too sheer (I don't really like having to layer 3 coats of polishes).

The finger on the very right, is the Seche vite base coat only. The other nails I've painted 1 coat of Estee Lauder 18 Nude Atittude. You can see with 1 coat it's very uneven and barely gives much coverage.

Here's a good 2 coats, I've done the second coat slightly thicker. I'd imagine some people might need 3 coats to get full coverage.

The color is a very neutral/ slightly cool toned french shade, it's more milky almond nude color, there isn't much pink base in this. There's just enough touch of nude beige in the mix to make it "nude", but without looking like those bandaid-ish nude shades.

Overall, a very very basic nude shade, if you are looking for a true nude shade without any pink base. There is no shimmers. It's a semi translucent creme, but will never give full opacity since the base is just translucent.

However, the coverage can be streaky (even though the polish goes on smoothly with 2 coats). The shade is also very minimalistic- very plain. Great for the office of course, but it's one of those shades where people just think you have very neat clean nails (as opposed to saying "wow what a lovely nail color").

My overall rating is 3/5. Not an unique shade at all- while the wear and coverage are decent, I just cannot see myself reaching for this very often.

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Jamilla Camel said...

I'm with you - not so wild about NL nail colours - Essie, OPI, and other nail specialist do a better job.