Shiseido Ferzea Lip balm review/ swatch

Shiseido Ferzea lipbalms are sold in Japanese drugstores quite commonly. (it's not from the 'Shiseido' counters in department stores etc as you might imagine in Western markets). I paid under 10USD? From Taiwan online shopping websites.

Comes in a squeeze tube in 5g size.

 The head has an ultra small nozzle, and the tip is rounded so you can squeeze and directly apply on lips.

Consistency is clearish, a bit of a gel like feel (but once spreaded out, it has a certain grip/ very light stickyness to it and is not too runny).
Spreaded out:

Overall I quite like this lipbalm for a drugstore item, it's unscented, tasteless, and can be applied thinly or thicker dpending on what you need. (i.e. you can get a slightly glossy lip look from this). Or you can do a thin layer just as a barrier before lipsticks.

It doesn't treat acute chapped lips, but seems very hydrating and mild for troubled lips. I usually apply this in the mornings and it lasts a good few hours without reapplication.

Overall 4/5. Not miracle maker, but it's a good solid drugstore lipbalm that is non irritating to my sensitive lips.


Jamilla Camel said...

If I lived in Japan, I would go broke shopping in drug stores!!

Wombat said...

Tehehe I'm actually off to Japan very soon! Cant imagine how much drugstore shopping I'd be doing!