Anna Sui Nail Color N Vernis polish #405 Flaming Red review/ swatch

This is a review for the Anna Sui Nail Color N collection, in shade #405. (I'm not sure what the English shade name is, but I'll call it a flaming red).

Comes in the beautiful rose shaped bottle again.

You can see how it's a solid red in the bottle

On the nails- sorry for the awkhard angle- I did a pretty poor job at applying this like at midnight. I usually do not clean up the edges until the next morning (when the polish dries).

Here it is- look how glossy it is (no topcoat here). It's such a liquid luscious looking red. It's bright, but not neon. Quite a true cool blue toned red. However at some angles, I think there's almost a hint of coral.

Overall a lovely red, it's full opacity in 2 coats, ultra shiny and glossy, applies very smoothly (the polish is almost too fluid that's why it caught me offguard and I applied it a bit messier than usual).

It's not a jelly finish polish, but somehow reminds me of a jelly color, as the finish is so clean and crisp (as opposed to the dullness of a full red creme at times). I would call it a very pigmented jelly color.  Looks better on paler girls I think.

Rating of 5/5. I did apply seche vite top coat after photographing, but as with most darker polishes, I do find I get tipwear by end of day 2 or 3.  (I suppose with darker shades any wear is a lot more visible too).

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