Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour 521 Rose Cache review/ swatch 2011

Chanel 521 Rose Cache was from 2011 fall or Christmas collection (anyway, late 2011). 
I didn't really expect to love this color given it looks rather generic in the bottle, like any Chanel soft pinks.

It's a muted pink on a very slight mauve side, but not really "purple based" just yet. It's a soft creme finish, infused with very very fine shimmers that are barely visible on the nails, (however my very last picture below picks up the shimmers under flash photography if you look close).
The shimmers are more obvious in the bottle than on the nails.

It's sort of still translucent creme, that builds to a good opacity (consider this is still a light pink) with 2 coats.

First pic below is with ONE coat. I'm wearing Paul & Joe base coat underneath which is pretty much clear anyway.

Below are done with two coats. From a distance it's very pretty and elegant- I wore this to a wedding with a white and multi-color print dress on the weekend. It's understated but I would still think it's a unique pink.

Pic below shows as much mauve tone as you can get out of this.

This pic below picks up the shimmers on my middle and index finger a bit more at an angle.

I cannot think of anything else in my collection that looks similar.
Out of all the recent Chanel soft pinks I'm quite liking this one for its uniqueness with the very light mauve tone base.

Overall 5/5. It has an usual Chanel polish consistency, sometimes I do find it chips faster than e.g. OPI nail polishes.

I do not think it's quite in the same color family as like, Essie Ladylike (has way more purple base) or Essie Bootleg (which is more pink and flatter), Essie Innocent (reviewed under Essie Bootleg link before) is more beigy-peach than mauve undertone compared to Chanel Rose Cache.


CCouture said...

I love all Chanels, but I'm just not much of a pink girl. At least this means that I can keep on lusting for Graphite!

Jamilla Camel said...

Chanel always has the most stunning nail colours! Gorgeous!

Wombat said...

Hi CCouture, yes graphite is real pretty too! (unique color) but I find I can only reach for pinks and nudes mostly because of work ( office job). Graphite and all the other gorgeous shades like quartz have been left for the weekends lol.

Hi Jamilla- yes I quite like this shade, very dainty (surprisingly..I expected some dull mauve /purple going on).