Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask review

Origins drink up line has been around for a while, first came in the original mask, then variations of the mask. This is the "Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask" , which is a light creamy mask intended to be applied twice a week at night time, just massage in a dollop size (I usually do about 3 pea sizes) before bedtime, then tissue off any excess.

main ingredients are glycerine, hyalruonic acid, apricot kernel oil etc.

Ingredient list and instructions, click to enlarge

Comes in a flip top cap, and squeeze tube. Usually I'm not a fan of these caps since they tend to snap easily on the plastic closure bit and the cap falls off.

Comes in 100ml tubes. Here's a swatch- the consistency is lightly vanilla cream colored, the scent is a very pleasant, slightly sweet fruity scent that is not nauseating.

I usually apply on clean skin after showers (sometimes I use toner first, sometimes I dont). Then I massage in a bit just during application, but no particular techniques, just a quick 20 seconds massage.

I apply a generous amount given 100ml of product is quite a lot. Then I let it sit on the face and soak for a good 15-20min (and dry my hair in the meantime or something), then before I go to bed, I take a cotton swab and saturate with some water, then quickly wipe/pat off any excess (without being too rigorous and rub everything off). This helps with any stickiness issues when you go to bed (once it soaks in a bit it is slightly tacky to touch). I do not use a moisturiser before or after this.

Next morning I'm left with hydrated, plump looking skin.

I've tried this for a few months over different skin condition days. It doesn't really do much when you have clogged pores or congestions. It doesn't do enough for really super cold winters when your skin is peeling. However it works the best during change of seasons where my face is just a bit taught (however if it's already irritated this does nothing for it). I would say it's about mildly hydrating.

I have sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts, but not particularly too oily any more.

Overall 3.5/5. It's not bad, but not sure if I would repurchase- it is not a 'emergency" fix-everything mask, but rather just a nice regular treatment during your normal skin days.

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